SAUK RAPIDS -- In response to last winter's cold and snow days, the Sauk Rapids-Rice school district is looking at implementing E-Learning Days for this coming school year.

Superintendent Aaron Sinclair says it wouldn't take effect until the fourth bad weather day.

So the way our calendar has traditionally worked at Sauk Rapids-Rice is the first day for a snow day or cold weather it is essentially forgiven -- nobody makes that up -- the second and third days are built-in with a make-up day in the calendar.  Now this plan with E-Learning the fourth day and anything beyond we would attempt to do through E-Learning.

Sinclair says it would be implemented differently depending on the grade level.

For example, our high school and middle school students have a device that they do take home, and so that would allow them to do some work online.  However, there are always some kids who might be in a home that doesn't have internet access, so it wouldn't necessarily require them to have internet access.

Sinclair says elementary students don't all have devices that they take home, so they may use something called choice boards.

During those days teachers will need to be available to their students as well.

A state statute allows for E-Learning days during severe weather and in the past five years, several districts around the state have begun to move to this type of system.

The Sauk Rapids-Rice School Board is expected to approve the change at their meeting on Monday night.