3½ years ago I reported Pete missing. Let's back up and review the events that led up to my over-reaction that day.

Pete had extra tickets to the Minnesota Gophers football game and invited my then fiance (now husband) and I to go to the game with he and his dad. We planned to meet up about an hour before the game started in the front of the stadium.

Dave and I ran into a little bit of traffic and were running behind schedule. I called Pete to let him know we'd be a little late, but my calls went to voicemail. I kept trying to call him and despite my best efforts, I couldn't get a hold of him.

Dave and I decided to wait for him outside of the stadium on a rock in the spot that we had originally planned to meet. We sat on the giant rock for about two hours before we decided to finally go home. All the while I kept thinking that something bad happened to him. I thought for sure he had gotten into a car accident, or worse!


When I finally got home and still hadn't heard from Pete, I asked Dave if we should try to get a hold of his family to make sure he was OK. Dave told me not to overreact or worry until tomorrow. We agreed that if we hadn't heard from Pete by the morning, then we'd start to panic and call someone.

I woke up for work at 7 a.m., checked my phone and realized that I didn't have any messages or calls from Pete. So, I woke my then fiance (now husband) up and started panicking. I called the station and asked Katie Kartak and Cindy Wear if they had heard from Pete. They both said they hadn't heard from him which was surprising because they had tried contacting him too.

Cindy told our general manager David what had happened and he started to get worried. Cindy decided to go to Pete's apartment to check up on him and see if he was home. No one answered the door, and his car wasn't there. So, she decided to call Pete's girlfriend Amie. Our panic only worsened when Amie told us that she also hadn't heard from Pete since about 5 p.m. the day before.

At that point, our general manager decided to call our corporate office in New York and report Pete missing. Pete's girlfriend Amie called Pete's mom to see if she had heard anything from him. Pete was supposed to be attending the Gopher game with his dad, so surely his mom would have heard about their whereabouts. She also had not heard from either of them since 5 p.m. the day before.

Pete's mom wasn't home. She was staying at the family cabin. She decided to call a neighbor and have them go to her house to see if Pete and his dad were there.

At about 10 a.m. Katie texted me and said, "Pete just texted me. He's not dead." It turns out, Pete left his phone in the car the night before at the Gopher game. He got back to the car at about 11:45 p.m. and decided not to call me and wake me up. He didn't hear my calls or texts because he had head phones plugged into his cell phone the next day.

So, that's what happened -- and luckily Pete's not dead. He has since been found. I'll forever be known as the classic over-reactor.

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