Reba McEntire has already proven that she's up for just about anything, and she demonstrates that all over again in a new series of commercials for KFC.

McEntire was announced as the first-ever female Colonel Sanders on Jan. 28, when an ad spot featuring the singer with the Colonel's signature white hair, white suit and glasses dropped. She spoofs her own career as a country music icon in three new ads that are now running, featuring her playing guitar, manning the merchandise table and then dressed as herself for a humorous singing performance.


In the video above, McEntire — dressed as the Colonel — heads up the team at a merchandise booth at a concert, with all of the merch aimed at promoting a new $10 meal deal.

In another clip, she sits on a stool tuning an acoustic guitar like she's getting ready for a club gig, singing a list of menu items out loud as a reference for the note of each string:

A third new clip finds McEntire dressed as her usual glamorous self, singing a song about KFC's Smoky Mountain BBQ before reaching up to pull off a wig, hilariously revealing that it was simply "the Colonel" trying to get into the mood.

"I can't do this," McEntire tells her band. "I thought if I dressed up like a country music legend, it would help KFC sell my delicious new Smoky Mountain BBQ."

She sings the last three words into a piece of chicken she's holding like a mic, modulating up into a yodel at the end and hilariously holding a sustained note as the flummoxed musicians just look at her blankly.

"I'm kind of fearless in this sense, but I like to try new things," McEntire tells Taste of Country about her unexpected new role. She adds that her view of it is, "Don't take yourself so seriously ... have fun with life. When I see people that can laugh at themselves that's very endearing to me."

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