Remember the 80's? I did love the 80's. I was curious to see just how much, so I got sucked into a quiz. 

Big hair, cassette tapes, slouch socks with leggings, Trans Ams, Miami Vice, watching MTV all day when they used to play videos. Remember that? Sigh. I did like the 80's.

I grew up in the 80's and was convinced I would marry Ralph Macchio. I worshiped Punky Brewster, and really looked up to Jennifer Keaton on Family Ties. I watched Saturday morning cartoons on the regular, and dragged my Care Bears around everywhere I went. I was an 80's kid, so when I saw this quiz titled "How 80's Are You?" I couldn't resist!

Turns out, I am 85% 80's:

You *knew* you'd score this high, didn't you? Yes, it's true: You're totally lost in the '80s. If only they made time machines... where is Doc when you need him?

How 80's Are You? Take the quiz and find out.