Looking for that one item to set your home or farm apart from all the rest this fall? How about owning your very own pumpkin chucker? A Northern Minnesota man is getting out of the pumpkin throwing game, and making his homemade trebuchet available for purchase on Facebook marketplace.

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According to the online for sale post on Facebook Marketplace, Anthony Carter is selling his trebuchet for what appears to be a decent price for something that launches pumpkins into orbit.

The description of the item up for sale describes what it is made from (wood) and even has a video of the machine in action.

Sturdy, heavy-duty trebuchet for sale. Works well for launching pumpkins, large snowballs, etc. Base is made of pressure treated timber. Frame is heavy pine timber. Counter-weight is 2 x treated lumber reinforced. Arm is solid oak, hinged at 4:1 ratio for maximum launching efficiency. Includes canvas sling.

I originally found this item for sale as I was scrolling in the Farm Direct Minnesota group, and that got me curious to take a peek at the catapult on steroids.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

I've got to be honest, I have always thought these things were cool but not practical for having around. BUT that doesn't mean it wouldn't look great at your place!

So if you are looking to go big this fall on your farm or for your fall display this item might just be right for you!

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