Working from home. Seems to be kind of the norm right now. Never really has been before, but these are strange times. And when you are at home, you may not do things the same as you might if you were going to work everyday outside the home like you would regularly.

The boredom and temptation is right there at your fingertips... meaning booze. It's right there. What's wrong with one glass of wine while you're answering a bunch of emails, right?  Probably not a good idea.

This map from shows that about 31% of people working from home in Minnesota are having a cocktail or two while on the job. Among people who are drinking on the job while at home are drinking beer as their drink of choice. Minnesota basically falls about in the middle of the pack of states that have their populations drinking while working.

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The big drinking states are Virginia and New Hampshire with 50% of workers drinking.  47% goes to Idaho, Iowa and Kansas. The states that are staying mostly sober are Arkansas with 8%, and Maine with 15%.

Governor Walz put the Stay-at-Home order extension until May 4th.  This drinking at home could increase with this order...maybe.  Still probably not a good idea.  But I guess if you don't get caught.... you do you.

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