The Jacob Wetterling Resource Center is approaching its 30th anniversary. To honor the milestone and recognize Jacob Wetterling, over the next 11 months they'll celebrate and focus on his 11 positive traits.

Wetterling was abducted in St. Joseph, Minnesota and murdered when he was 11 years old. He loved sports, which is why the #11forJacob movement was started. Many athletes have worn the #11 jerseys to show their commitment to creating as a safe world for children. The movement highlights 11 values close to Jacob's heart.

The month of February is dedicated to his first trait, "be fair." Jacob's mother Patty Wetterling wrote a letter expressing her gratitude for the organization,

When Jacob was found and his murderer sentenced, it was a horrible and dark time...Our hearts were warmed by these eleven attributes because they truly do describe our Jacob."

Jacob's 11 traits are;

1. Be Fair
2. Be Kind
3. Be Understanding
4. Be Honest
5. Be Thankful
6. Be a Good Sport
7. Be a Good Friend
8. Be Joyful
9. Be Generous
10. Be Gentle with Others
11. Be Positive

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The JWRC strives to create a world free from abduction and sexual exploitation. Patty wrote she hopes to create a world where, "kids can grow up safe and follow their dreams."

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