During this pandemic, a lot of people may need to cut back on some extra expenses for a bit.

But how can we help still show our appreciation and support for these local businesses we care about that doesn't cost anything financially if we are in a pinch?

Well, here are five easy and FREE things we can all do to help show our love and support for our local small businesses.

1) Make sure you are following them on all their social media accounts.

This is HUGE and super simple to do. Subscribe to their YouTube channel if they have one, like their business page on Facebook, follow them on Twitter (you get the picture).

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2) Write a review on either Google or Yelp about the last time you visited their physical location.

When visitors come to town they are always looking for the local places that have the best reviews of their location, parking accessibility, and the overall feel of the business when you first walk in the door. And sometimes Google or Yelp are the only places people look before they make their decisions when visiting a new city.

3) Write a review of the last product or service you paid for.

Leaving a review gives a business feedback on what either needs improvement or what they are doing well; this can help the business out in the long run.

4) Word of Mouth Advertising

By simply sharing with friends or family your favorite place to get a coffee or a cute shirt can leave a lasting impression on their future purchases.

5) Subscribe to their newsletters and or mailing lists

Sometimes this is the first place where businesses make announcements of their new products or services. Along with future sales, promotions, or even a coupon to use on your future purchase.

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