This is one of those things that I never really thought at all. Mostly because there was no need.  I had one set of sheets.  So, wash them and put them back on the bed. Problem solved. But, as time has progressed, and I have more than one bed in the house, and this included winter (flannel) and summer sheets, things have changed.

Folding a fitted sheet has become one of those things that people just avoid if at all possible.  At least the people that I know will try and avoid it. By avoiding, I mean just sort of folding it, making an attempt, getting frustrated and either just shoving it into the closet or cabinet as is, or just giving up completely; rolling it into a ball, flattening it out as much as possible and placing it by the top sheet.  There. Done.  It's a set.

I do remember my mother always being able to fold one of these things. Like it always looked normal - like a top sheet.  You wouldn't even have known that it was actually a bottom, fitted sheet.  I think she may have been a magician.

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If you know how to fold one and make it look nice, more power to you.  To the rest of us who are a bit inept at the folding mystery, here is a tutorial.

If this actually works in practical use, will you continue to do it?  I may give it a whirl.

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