ST. PAUL -- The state's unemployment rate is at a record low.

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development says the rate ticked down three-tenths of a point to 2.2 percent in April from 2.5 percent in March. It is the lowest level ever recorded since the information started being recorded in 1976.

The decline in the unemployment rate was due to people moving from unemployment to employment.

Meanwhile, the labor force participation rate rose from 68.1 percent to 68.3 percent. Minnesota gained 11,900 jobs in April.

King Banaian is the Dean of the School of Public Affairs at St. Cloud State University. He says the historically low rate is good news unless you are an employer trying to fill open positions.

The numbers I think in general are good. Two-point-two percent unemployment, if you are an employer, is really hard to find workers. This probably isn't good news for you, because it just tells you your job is even harder than it was before.

Banaian says the labor force participation rate for Minnesota is still about two-tenths lower than it was a year ago, which is about 30,000 to 40,000 people.

Nationally, the unemployment rate is at 3.6 percent. The total number of Americans collecting unemployment benefits is at a 53-year low.

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