Update: Their big announcement this morning was that they'll be offering up some of their favorite foods at select restaurants.

The Minnesota State Fair has been canceled for 2020, so if you were hoping to score some delicious tastes from 'The Blue Barn' you're out of luck until 2021...or, are you?

The Blue Barn is a restaurant that's only open during the state fair and is located on the fairgrounds. They recently teased that they've got two BIG announcements that has fair-goers and food fans buzzing online.

The Blue Barn wrote, "Stay tuned for two exciting announcements - Thursday at 10 AM and Friday at 10 AM!" Then, they tagged the new Fair Food Finder Facebook group.

Mara Johnson Schneider wrote, "everyone else is still getting their fair food around the cities, except for me because my fair food is blue barn...please tell me my dream is coming true!"

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Other fans of the restaurant started speculating what they thought the big announcement could be. Jenna Olson Steinhoff commented, "Please have a food truck, please have a food truck".

The Blue Barn serves up a variety of fair food. They're well-known for their bacon stuffed tots, french toast bites with whipped cream and pop rocks, blue cheese corn fritz, Iron range pirogies and chicken in a waffle. They were planning to add some new things to the menu this year, like breakfast potato skins and  Nashville hot chicken on a stick.

They're located behind the west side of the State Fair "Skyride" on Dan Patch Avenue. Check back to find out what the big announcement is. We'll update this post when we find out!


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