In this season of Halloween... and Winter, apparently, there is a lot of talk about haunted places, buildings, and areas. But how about a haunted town??  Allegedly, a town just South of the Twin Cities, and just over a 2 hour drive from St. Cloud is one of the most haunted TOWNS in Minnesota.  How can you have a haunted town.  Seems odd.  The town in question is Mantorville.  

City of Mantorville logo.
City of Mantorville logo.

Mantorville is a small town near Rochester.  I worked in Rochester for awhile and have been to Mantorville a few times.  I didn't get the "haunted" feeling when I was there, but maybe it just wasn't one of those "active haunting" days.  It does, however have some of the oldest and historic buildings.

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One of the most popular, and a definite tourist attraction is the Hubbell House.  If you are driving down highway 52 on the way to Rochester, you will see signs for the Hubbell House.  It's a popular place for people to go for special occasions, when you want a nice dinner out, but still have the quaint small town feel.  It has a long history, too.  The cool thing about it is that even though it's gone through some restorations, it has kept that original feel that it had in 1854.  But, that might also be why it's haunted... they are just friendly ghosts.

There is also a little log cabin there... and some have said that they feel a cold sensation when passing by the structure.  Another one of the oldest and most historic buildings in Mantorville is the Opera House. It was built in 1918.  The Mantorville Theatre Company still uses the building.

So, if you are on the hunt for some road tripping and Halloween fun, check out Mantorville. At least you might get a good meal at the Hubbell House.

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