I am a huge believer that finding a path to enjoy your life at work and at leisure is the best path you can take. That's why I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do with my life when I was a Senior in high school.


The path I chose was Broadcast Communications. I knew that I wanted to PLAY music; but I didn't want to teach music. So I started on a journey looking at all of the great offerings our various State Colleges and Universities offered; and found my calling.


Now my sons are on the same journey. Just like I attended Bemidji State University for Mass Communications  back in 1985, my son Tanner is now attending St. Cloud Community & Technical College, pursuing a career in Mechanical Drafting! He loves drawing; he loves animation. We happened to take the Tour of Manufacturing when it came to town and toured DCI; it was an eye opener; and the reason he decided to choose Mechanical Drafting as his Major. A way for him to incorporate his interests in math, drawing, and creativity.

Kelly Cordes
Kelly Cordes

He is learning such new and exciting things! Plus he's getting into a field that pays well, and something that he never could have learned without the help of our Minnesota State Colleges & Universities.

Mason, my youngest son, is also interested in furthering his education. He has also been attending St. Cloud Technical & Community College as a Senior, and is preparing to go into Accounting. He's starting his Accounting journey this summer at SCTCC; but  that's just the beginning. He can then transfer to another school if he wishes, to further his education at one of our Minnesota State Colleges or Universities. Tanner can also transfer to another Minnesota State College or University if he decides to further his degree to an Engineering degree. Mason is currently on the Dean's list; and he and Tanner both have a very bright future.

I'm so proud of my sons; and proud of myself for taking a look at what our State colleges & Universities have to offer. Remember; no matter what your learning style; there is a Minnesota State College or University that can help you choose the right career path; to enrich and support your life and your dreams.

With summer right around the corner, I encourage you; don't be afraid to pursue your dreams. All it takes is ONE STEP AT A TIME. Write down what you think you might be interesting and start looking! College is SO different than high school; and it can be the best thing you ever did for yourself.

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