Now wouldn't this be a surprise? I'm almost afraid to share this story as my wonderful mother can't even LOOK at a picture of a snake...So Mom...I'm sorry. I hope you don't read my posts.

How would you like to find this in your bathtub? The next time I grab my bath bomb and bubble bath, I'm going to take a glance before turning on the water.

A homeowner in Hastings woke up Tuesday morning to find this big beautiful intruder in his bathroom. How does that happen!!!! Did it crawl up the drain?  Did they leave the door open? What the heck?  Please tell me it didn't eat the cat!


Facebook/City of Hastings

The snake was captured and released in a nearby woodland; but Bullsnakes arent incredibly friendly. I believe I read that they are "Not Venemous, but very unapproachable."

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