It's Thanksgiving time, or as I like to call it, the "eating" holiday.  Everyone has different ways to make a turkey, what sides they are serving, what time they eat, and if they are even going to have a TURKEY... could be something else.  But one common thing that almost everyone has is a potato of some sort.  It works if you are vegan, vegetarian or a person who does eat meat.  We can all agree that potatoes are delicious.

One thing that we have heard all of our lives (at least most of us have) is that "eat the skins, all of the vitamins and nutrients are in the skin".  If you are eating a baked potato that can be difficult, as a lot of people don't like the skin.  It's dry, doesn't taste great, and just "ew".  But what about making mashed potatoes?  Skins on or off?

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It is an extra step to have to peel the skins from the potatoes.  It's easier to just mix it in, and it doesn't really affect the taste all that much.. if at all.

But is it actually true that the skin is where all the nutrients are?  Short answer - no.  Well, not ALL of them, anyway.

Potatoes are full of things that are really good for you. Especially potassium and Vitamin C.  But according to it's not all about the skin.

So, while it's ok to eat the skin, it's not where ALL of the nutrients and vitamins are.  So, if you prefer to leave the skins on while making your mashed potatoes, go ahead, but it's all about what you prefer. You're really not losing anything important.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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