If you are someone who likes to get a jump on your holiday shopping and you have people on your shopping list who like tech-type gadgets, Best Buy might be the place to start and maybe end your holiday shopping.  Or, if you take advantage of those deals for yourself (no judgment) this is the time to buy.

Best Buy CEO Corie Barry says they have been planning this for two years, and they don't have any shortages as of now.  That is unless you are looking for appliances, like a washer/dryer/refrigerator, those can be in short supply in some cases and also the price may be a bit higher because of the supply/demand on those items. And also keep in mind that it's the more popular ones that are having shortage issues.  So if you really need one of those appliances, you may have to settle for something that wasn't your first choice but will work.

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Barry was on the Today show on NBC last week speaking about what this holiday season will look like for Best Buy. USAToday had this statement from her:

"We're heading into the most competitive part of the year. Everybody wants to have that perfect gift for their customers," Barry said. "And what we're seeing is we're going to continue to be priced incredibly competitively. We don't see prices going up markedly unexpectedly from here and in fact if anything there's going to be great deals."

The big sale starts tomorrow (October 19th) and runs for 4 days.  Then it will kick off its official Black Friday sale on November 19th, which is a week earlier than the actual Black Friday.  If you do happen to purchase something at this time and the price does go lower, they will honor that price just like they would on a normal Black Friday sale- the Black Friday price guarantee.

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