According the Mega Millions website, the new estimated jackpot is...


And in case you can't read those numbers that's 640 MILLION dollars! If you want to take the cash option, that number has grown as well. It is now up to $462 Million.

You better get your tickets before you go home tonight because stores are reporting lines of people waiting to get their numbers in before the drawing at 10pm tonight.


I actually went next door to the Casey's and bought one ticket with my own money for you and will give the winnings to one person IF that ticket hits tonight.

You have to leave a nice comment on the picture to be entered. There are only 2 rules.

1) If you are the winner, you have to give me my $1 back.
2) If you are the winner, you must donate half the winnings to your favorite charity - and it can't be the charity of your back pocket - it has to be a legitimate charity.

That's it. If you want to take the chance on this ticket, leave a nice comment below.


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