Yes, it's true - I eat lots of stuff that I shouldn't. Parents know, though, that only the best is good enough for our little darlings. Which is why I made homemade animal crackers (yes, I know they look like hearts - haven't you ever seen a wild heart out in the woods?) for my little girl.

My daughter loves animal crackers. I know I'm a little bit of a worrier (what parent isn't) but I don't like buying food for her that has weird things I can't pronounce in the ingredient list.

Plus, right or wrong, baking cookies shows love. So, when I found a homemade animal cracker recipe I knew I had to try it. This recipe is a little futsy because the ingredients are given in weights but it's the one I used and it's awesome. There's also this option.

The smallest cookie cutter I have is a heart - perfect for Valentine's Day - but you can purchase the cutest little animal cookie cutters. Bake these and your house will smell like heaven and your little ones will be eating something delicious - that you can pronounce!