The holidays may be over put mail and package thefts are still happening in the Sartell community.

On Thursday, March 5 the Sartell Police Department warned residents on their Facebook page to be careful and watch out for mail theft. They called it a 'crime of opportunity'.

The police say they've received several theft reports of stolen packages left on residents door steps recently. They provided tips for people to follow to keep their packages protected.

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  • Pick up packages as soon as they're delivered
  • Track your packages and try to be there when they're delivered
  • Have you packages delivered to your place of business
  • Require your package to have a signature upon delivery
  • Reroute or reschedule your delivery if you're not home
  • If you can, insure your package, especially if it's expensive

If you've been a victim of mail or package theft, call your local police department.

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