Ladies and gentlemen alike have really gotten into fantasy football leagues in recent years. No wonder why NFL football is the most popular thing on TV each week! But this is the State of Hockey, so what are you going to do with your time after the Super Bowl is over?

It's amazing that a prediction-based game dealing with professional sports could be so popular, but fantasy football- created in 1962 is somewhat serious business today. Other sports have followed suit in offering an added value for fans, such as golf, soccer, basketball, baseball, auto racing, and even college football! But my favorite type of "fantasy" (well besides stuff for private conversations :D) is Fantasy Hockey!

Fantasy players sign up, in this case online to better keep track of stats, and have a team of real life NHL players that they draft and play head-to-head against other fantasy players. 10 different real-time NHL stats such as goals, assists, power play points, and save percentage are example categories for fantasy players. Trades and free agent pickups are unlimited in this league.

Are you going to play with us this year? Maybe get your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, mom or dad into it while playing with fellow 98 Country listeners and staff? It's totally free to play for bragging rights and prizes, and Jonathan's running the league if you need help with knowing what to do. To get started:

  1. Create a free Yahoo! account online at
  2. Click This Link to Apply & Join Minnesota's 98 Country 98.1FM Fantasy Hockey League
  3. Follow the email link you receive and join the league
  4. Customize your team name, along with other options (see the yellow note next to the league name for a helpful checklist here)
  5. Prepare for the online draft on Sunday, November 16th at 7:30 PM (you do not need to be present for the live draft, as you can pre-rank the players you would like)

It can be a lil intense to join if you are a first timer, with so many players to choose from and 60+ games left in the season, but I'll lead you through the basics for a good time!