Trying to lose weight? A nutritionist claims shopping in the pet food aisle could be the answer. Mike Konowalski is living on a diet of nothing but dog food and he claims to have lost over 7lbs in three days.

Doctors have warned him he faces intestinal problems but will not suffer from any long term medical issues from eating foods he usually serves to his pet boxer dog.

Konowalkski has agreed to go on the doggie diet to show that lifestyle choices are to blame for people eating too much. Konowalski said he will stick to the stomach turning diet for a month to prove that any type of food can be healthy and people do not have to diet to lose weight.

'I think the dog food that I’m eating right now is more healthy than what I’ve had in a year.’ Says Konowalsi and a doctor admits he is still getting his recommended daily dose of vitamins.

Konowalski is not completely depriving himself – he does indulge in the occasional Milkbone.