Edibles and other items including THC just officially became legal in the state of Minnesota.  Although, not everyone is on board with this.  Also, there have been cities throughout Minnesota that have been passing their own laws to limit the sale of those products.  So, there's that.  It will take some time for everyone or at least most everyone to get on board with this idea.

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If you are heading to the Minnesota State Fair hoping to cash in on all sorts of "fair deals" that run during the fair, you will not find any sort of THC edibles and other products on the fairgrounds.  BUT, you will be able to find those items just outside the fairground.  In fact, you'll find them as you are walking into the fair along the streets of Snelling and Midway Parkway, which is where the main entrance to the fair is located.

My first question was this... how can they do that?  Don't you need a permit to do that?  The answer is YES!  Yes, you do.  But these people thought ahead and got permission from the homeowners along those streets along with the written permission of the neighbors along that area.  This is according to the City of St. Paul's Website along with Bring Me the News. 

These vendors can only run during the days and hours of the state fair, which makes sense, they are hoping that next year they will be able to actually be on the fairgrounds.

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