ST. CLOUD -- There's a lesson that can be learned inside Lincoln Elementary School, that doesn't come from a text book.

Every Tuesday the 4th grade students in Mike Mathiason's classroom dress for success by wearing dress shirts, suit coats and ties.

I really try to instill the mindset in my students of when you feel good about yourself, there is nothing that can stop you.

Mathiason says his students get excited for Tuesday's to roll around and the confidence they show is noticeable.

We have five other 4th grade classrooms and it would be great to see this pour into other classrooms as we are a community here.

His efforts have even started getting attention not only district wide, but throughout the state and even the country, as donations have poured in from people wanting to show their support.

We had someone from San Diego, Florida and Texas reach out to me to see what we needed, so I just gave them an assortment of sizes we needed and they came in.

Mathiason says he never imagined this idea would take off the way it did, but if he can inspire one student, then it was worth it.

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