I'm usually a pretty by - the - book type person at work.  I don't want to cause trouble and I want to do my job right.   I want to be the person my boss comes to when they need help with a project but sometimes you have to bend the rules just a little bit.

Reddit asked folks what the most unprofessional thing they've done at work is.  One person locked their boss in a freezer and convinced them it was an accident when it wasn't.  Another worked at a hotel, comped the honeymoon suite and partied all night long.  Unprofessional?  You betcha!  You have to admit, it sounds like fun though!

The most unprofessional thing I did on the job was take a nap under the manager's desk.  Here's the deal, I worked in a bank in a retail store.  The hours were long and you could only spend so much time doing homework and reading the latest tabloid magazines.  There always had to be two people in the office and so we would take turns crawling under the desk in the manager's office to take a snooze.

We never got caught by the boss but one of my co-workers told a customer I was napping, he creeped quietly in to the office and slammed his hand down.  I sat up so fast I hit my head on the desk.  It was hilarious!

Shannon Knight

What's the most unprofessional stunt you've pulled at work?