The average high for March 2rd is 32˚. The record high is 53˚ (just so you know what's possible). We won't make it above zero again today. Pipes are freezing up. Cars aren't starting. And the patience of usually hearty Minnesotans is wearing thin. But just how cold has it been this winter in St. Cloud? Here's the scorecard by the numbers.

Bob Weisman is a professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at St. Cloud State. He's got an 'Arctic Scoreboard' for St. Cloud on his website. Here are some of the 2013-14 winter highlights:

  • Most days where the high didn't get above zero:  So far this winter 14. The record 17 in 1935-36.
  • Most days with a low dropping below zero:  So far this winter 62. The record 69 in 1964-65 and 1978-19.
  • Most days with a low of -20˚ or colder:  So far this winter 14. The record 20 in 1978-79.

Ok, that's enough of that. Want some better news?

  • Highs in St. Cloud look like they'll be in the 20s & 30s starting on Wednesday.
  • The average high by the end of March in St. Cloud is nearly 50˚.
  • The record high in March in St. Cloud is 81˚.
  • 36 days 'til the Twins home opener against the Oakland A's.

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