We all love the TV show 'Property Brothers', so it's surprising to see that when one of the stars shows up at a bar in Fargo North Dakota, he gets in a brawl.

As a huge fan of this show, there doesn't seem to be a bad bone in Jonathan Scott's body. I think it would be a blast to hang out with him at a bar. He showed up late in the evening to Dempsey's Public House in Fargo and ended up between an altercation, and ended up in a head lock by the bouncer of the bar.

Scott called 911 to report he had been assaulted by the bouncer, and also told police he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, where a fight between to patron was taking place around 2 AM as the bar was closing. Police are now investigating the incident.

Here's a piece of advice to Jonathan Scott...step over the border into Minnesota and have some cocktails. You likely traveled through our state to get there, so head over to central Minnesota and hang with people who appreciate your celebrity status. Give me a call when you get into town and I'll bring you to the best places around here with the best fans you've ever seen.