Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany, recently announced they are expecting their second child together, and in a new interview, the superstar reveals they turned to IVF to make sure she got pregnant in a timely manner.

The couple underwent In Vitro Fertilization after they struggled for a year and a half to conceive their first child, son Memphis, whom they welcomed in December of 2017. It was a natural progression for them to use the procedure again when they decided they wanted to have a second child as soon as possible after the first.


“We did IVF with our son, so we had to do that again with this one,” Aldean tells People, adding that this time around: "We knew what was going on" when it came to the baby's sex, which they are keeping secret for now. (According to Parents.com, in some cases, parents can select the sex of their baby when they're using IVF).

The couple announced Brittany's second pregnancy on July 10 by posting a photo of 7-month-old Memphis in a onesie that reads, "Big Brother."

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He made no secret of the fact that they wanted to have another child as soon as possible after Memphis.

"Our theory is, 'Hey, we got one in diapers and formula right now so, while we're in this mindset we might as well knock it out,'" Aldean told Taste of Country Nights in April. "We both agreed that we wanted to have two. I have two older daughters and there's a pretty big age difference in my two older daughters and Memphis, so we wanted to have one who's a little closer in age to him so he has somebody to hang out with."

He says this pregnancy has been very different for Brittany so far.

"With my son, Brittany didn’t have any sickness at all, but with [this] baby she’s been pretty sick for the last few weeks, so we’ll see," he shares with People. "Maybe she’s starting to turn the corner a little bit, but it’s definitely been a different kind of feel for her this time."

Aldean's daughters from his first marriage are 15-year-old Keeley and Kendyl, who turns 11 in August.

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