UPDATE: According to KSTP, Target has announced they will no longer require fully vaccinated people to wear masks in their store. 

I was at Crossroads Center over the weekend and wasn't sure the proper protocol after Gov. Tim Walz announced Friday that vaccinated people weren't required to wear face masks and coverings anymore.

Now, it's actually up to each individual store and business to decide for themselves if they'd like to keep requiring it.

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There were many confused people at Target, which is one of the first retailers to require masks in their stores even before the governor's mandate.

So, instead of running around the store confused, I decided to ask a store employee who was passing out masks at the mall's entrance.

They told me that they can't make you wear a mask, but they will be asking people who enter the store without a mask if they'd like to have a free one.

Walking around the store, I noticed that there were many people not wearing masks and they were not being asked to put one on.. However, more than half of the people I saw were still choosing to wear masks.

My husband was at a Target in Bemidji over the weekend and at that location they still had the 'masks required' sign out front but the door attendant who typically passes out free masks wasn't there anymore. He also said people were walking around the store without masks and employees were not asking them to put their masks on.

According to Fox8, "Target said it will no longer require fully vaccinated guests and team members to wear face coverings in stores “except where it’s required by local ordinances."

However, Target still hasn't issued any official announcement or press release via their corporate website on the matter.

Walmart did announce over the weekend that they are no longer requiring face masks for fully vaccinated individuals.

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