I'm sure he hates it when I talk about it; but I never want him to forget how much he has done for his family; and I never want to take for granted having a father like mine. He was the Dad that taught me how to work hard, and make the best of your time. I don't know how he found time to do everything; from farming to working full time, to bowling, softball tournaments; making time for his friends for card game parties; taking us on trips so we could see things like The Grand Canyon, Disney World, Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park.


My Dad and Mom are always there. Voices of reason when all of us seem to take our rides down the track to mistakes. They never judge us...they are always there. My kids never had a chance to meet their Grandpa Howard, so Grandpa Dennis has always been the one and only in their lives. Dad loves Minnesota sports. He always cheers for his hometeams. The Twins...The Vikings..The Gophers...The Wild. If it's Minnesota...he supports the home team.

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I've never seen my Dad punch his hand through a door; I've seen him get frustrated and walk away. I've never seen him leave any job unfinished. He's the guy who can figure out how to fix anything, build anything out of wood; and plant a great garden...just ask the bear, the deer, the rabbits and the raccoon that he's been feeding lately. What's a weed? I've never seen one in HIS garden.

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Pictured above, my Dad with his wonderful sister Arnette at Mason' graduation party.


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This picture was taken at my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration. Pictured, my brother Dennis Jr., Dad, my sister in law Karen, Mom and myself.

Thanks Dad for fixing my deck; for fencing my yard, for putting together my lawn mower and snowblower, and for showing me how to use it. Thanks for painting my garage door with me.  Thanks for being Mom's best friend. Thanks for teaching me how to fish; for horse back rides, for dogs and puppies; kitties and farm life. Thanks for caring so much about your family, and everything I can never repay you for! I love you with all my heart.


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