I'm always looking for healthy options, and something different to eat. Don't you get sick of the same old thing all the time? My Livea Weight Control Center coaches are always telling me to try a variety of healthy foods to find new options that will assist me in my weight loss journey, and things that I really enjoy. Food is fuel. So finding good fuel is important.

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I was looking at homemade soup recipes the other day, and a suggestion for an ingredient instead of using noodles, was Bulgur.  I had no idea what Bulgur was! I'd never heard of it.

So I looked it up on the internet and here's what I found:

  • Bulgar is a Whole Grain made from cracked wheat.
  • Bulgar is full of vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  • Fiber rich foods can improve digestion and gut health.
  • Fiber rich foods like Bulgur may reduce chronic disease.
  • Fiber rich foods like Bulgur may also help you loose weight.
  • It's texture is a mix between rice and quinoa.
  • It makes a great replacement for noodles in soups, and can also be a healthy addition instead of pasta to hot dishes, salads, and just eaten as a breakfast meal with a little cinnamon on top! It's delicious. Yes...I did eat it for breakfast
  • Bulgur is quick and easy to cook. Just add water, salt and bulgur to heat to boiling, and let it rest until it thickens...fluff with a fork.


If you are sensitive to wheat, even though Bulgur is packed with healthy nutrients, it might not be tolerated by people who have wheat sensitivities.


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