Our dogs love to be out with us. When my wife brought these home I knew the dogs were just a tad bit too spoiled. What she talked me into next was ridiculous.

I want to start by saying that our dogs get a couple walks a day, so they have plenty of exercise. My wife wanted to figure out how we can start using our rollerblades and take the dogs with us too. There's no way I'd survive rollerblading with a dog on a leash. I suck at rollerblading, and that would guarantee an epic fail.

We bought these "dog strollers", which you can push or connect to your bike to pull. We tried biking with them running on a leash and they were a little freaked out, so she bought these to try. When she suggested we push them while rollerblading, I declined, but she talked me into it anyways.

It turned out to help my rollerblading since I had something to hold onto and balance much better. Great exercise and was kind of fun! If you want attention, push one of these down the road. Everybody we passed by couldn't stop staring and laughing. Our dogs are now known as the most spoiled in the neighborhood...

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