My husband and I recently took on the project of resurfacing our driveway, and you can do it, too in just a few easy steps! 

Glen and I knew that the driveway was going to need resurfacing, and growing up, my dad always did it, so I was fairly confident we could do it, too. We measured our driveway, watched the forecast (because you need a couple of days of dry weather) and then set the day. So far, so good!

Step one, go to the home improvement store and get three buckets of driveway sealant and a squeegee. Next, inform your neighbors what you're doing and then go back to the home improvement store on their advice and get another bucket of sealant. You're going to need to cover any cracks and patch any holes, so do those first. Then, pry open the lid on the bucket of sealant. When that fails, cut it open with a pair of tin snips. The sealant is going to need to be mixed, so make sure you have a tool to mix it with. Take care not to spill, and if you do spill, well, it's just grass and it will grow back.

Once you have the bucket open, take a good paint brush and completely ruin it by using it to seal around the edges of the driveway near the house, sidewalk and grass. Then take a Tupperware container and completely ruin it by dipping it in the bucket and using it to spread the sealant around. When the bucket of sealant gets light enough to handle, dump it out on the driveway and spread it around.

Once you're halfway finished with the project, send your wife back to the home improvement store to buy two more buckets of sealant. Make sure to call your wife on the way and tell her to make it three buckets of sealant, just in case.

When your wife returns, make sure she entertains the neighbors who have gathered to watch this spectacle by continuing to seal the driveway. Make sure you laugh a lot to keep from crying.

After the driveway is done, or at least you're pretty sure it's done because it's now dark and you can't tell, disrobe in the garage, go down in the basement and scrub yourself bloody to make sure the driveway sealant is all off your body because it smells like crap and will ruin your sheets.

Finally, as you collapse into bed, exhausted tired, go on "Google" and look up "Driveway Repair St. Cloud, MN" and bookmark the page.