We're in the middle of garage sale season and the tail end of spring cleaning season. We're all in the same boat here, we want to get rid of our old junk.

Some of that old junk is impossible to get rid of because NO ONE wants it. I'm talking to you, tube TV. I still remember the first TV I ever got. Yes, it was a tube TV for my 12th birthday. It cost more than I could save in a year and weighed a ton. So it's safe to say I was so proud to have it and took care of it like it was my treasure. Well, that treasure has become one of my worst nightmares and has followed me from house to house as I've grown.

You can't give one of those TV's away for free. No one wants them. In fact, you probably have one sitting in your shed, your garage, your crawl space or maybe you've repurposed it and made it part of the living room furniture. They make good side tables...who am I kidding, no they don't. They're just trash.

So, where can you bring your old technology? Well, it'll probably cost you but there are options. No, you can't just throw your old TV in the trash. You can't order a big dumpster and toss it in there with your other junk...I've checked into it. And no, Savers and Goodwill DO NOT accept these items as donations.

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