This is actually a REAL thing. If you are someone who has moved from state to state, maybe even within state; whether it be for a new job, going to college, or a divorce; sometimes it's so hectic that you may have actually left money behind that you didn't realize.


I went to and typed in my married name as well as my maiden name, and one of those actually came up with some funds; unfortunately for me; there was another person with the same last name; and it wasn't me.

But that doesn't mean it won't work for you. You simply go to the missingmoney site, type in your name, what city you live in and the state, and it will show you if you have money that has been unclaimed. I discovered that there was money for Kelly Howard for under $100 but it wasn't mine, as I never lived at the address that was shown.

Give it a try!

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