Every now and again you see something that can't be unseen and it's too funny you can't not share. This is one of those moments! For anyone who has been following along even a little bit. My boyfriend and I moved to the St. Cloud area back in August from Fargo, ND.

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Personally, I am from Minnesota, grew up just North of Detroit Lakes. But had been in the Moorhead, MN/Fargo, ND area for nearly 20 years after finishing college at Concordia in Moorhead. Needless to say, I have known the Fargo area (which borders Minnesota) for a long time. I've seen many different businesses come and go in the area and have watched several only grow bigger and bigger.

One of the businesses I have seen grow is a local favorite, Sandy's Donuts & Coffee Shop. Heavenly, is how I would describe these donuts. I'm not even the biggest fan of donuts, but if there is a Sandy's Donut around, you can guarantee I will be having one.

I have friends who travel to Fargo years after moving and still make it a point to make a breakfast stop there to enjoy a donut and a cup of coffee. They have so many great ones to choose from and are constantly coming up with new and creative ideas, like this one:

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But more to the point of WHY I am talking about Sandy's Donuts currently. Yesterday, I was on Facebook and saw a picture of my favorite donut place in Fargo, ND and wellll it was being circulated for a reason.

The business had an unfortunate mishap with it's sign at it's second location in town. Here's your warning, it might offend some people...but for most it will probably just make them laugh:

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A friend shared this photo on Facebook of what the business sign currently looks like:

As you can imagine, there were LOTS of hilarious comments and I'm sure you have your own you'll want to share. Something tells me that when they came up with their saying,

Donut Miss The Fun!

this isn't exactly what they had in mind. But despite the hilarity of this...I will full heartedly agree with Charles, if you are ever in Fargo, try the maple-bacon-long-john. It really is that good!

Also incase you wanted to see what it looks like at night, someone shared that too.

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