I've often thought about adoption. Am I too old? Do I make enough money to support another child? Will my adult children be interested and supportive in having another sibling? Will they treat an adopted sibling the same as their birth brothers? I'm single...can I still adopt?

These are questions everyone has... and answers are available. You can find answers at MN Adopt. There are answers for you waiting at MN Adopt.

If you've ever wondered how adoption feels for someone looking for a family to call them their own? Here is a video I found online of adoptions and the reactions of those kids looking for their forever families.

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So many of us think; I can't help them all, but what if I could help just one? On any given day, there are approximately 9500 kids in foster care in Minnesota, due to no fault of their own.  You don't need to be rich. You can change generations, and help those kids that deserve a good quality life, and a great chance at life.

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Adoption is a big step. Take the first step, and find out if adoption is something that will work for you and your family. Click HERE for more information; and start your journey today.

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