I was amazed that Cindy had never heard about rinsing your sinuses. It's something I do every morning during cold and flu season, and have gone two winters without getting a cold (yes I'm knocking on wood). It's quick, easy, painless, and effective at least for me.

Now I'll admit, when it was first mentioned to me, my first thought was, "What? Squirt water up your nose? How good can that feel?" The picture in my head was jumping into a swimming pool with water shooting up my nose, and that doesn't feel good.

But like most things in life, once you try it you realize that nothing could be farther from the truth. It's the easiest thing in the world with no discomfort. (And it takes less than a minute.)

There are all kinds of devices, bottles, sprays, and solutions, but I have settled on the NeilMed squeeze bottle and solution packets. You can get them almost anywhere. Drug stores like CVS or Walgreens, Target/Shopko/Walmart, grocery stores. They're everywhere.

WebMD says, "The idea behind nasal irrigation is that it helps the body get rid of irritating and infectious agents that make their way into the nose. The nasal passages come equipped with tiny, hair-like structures called cilia, which beat back and forth to catch dirt, bacteria, viruses, and other unwelcome substances."

I know it's weird, but I do it every morning. Could this be cold-less winter number three for me? Have you ever rinsed your sinuses?