When you think of grocery stores, the one that is the most popular in Minnesota might surprise you.  It's not actually a grocery store, per se.  The most popular grocery store in the state of Minnesota is Target followed by Wal Mart.

For this reason, Hy Vee, which is an Iowa based grocery store, had planned to build and had purchased land in five communities around the metro area in Minnesota.  Originally those locations were Maple Grove, Farmington (just south of the twin cities), Blaine, Chaska and West St. Paul. And now, have scrapped those build locations.

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Why have they changed their mind?  It's not just a straight-forward answer.  According to Bring Me the News, there has been a change in consumers spending and buying habits.  HyVee will be focusing on larger stores, and not the several smaller stores that had originally been planned.

"Hy-Vee is adopting a new long-term growth strategy centered on building larger stores and putting more distance between future retail sites..."

Now, those five sites that had been purchased by HyVee will be sold off.  What will be going into those sites, or if there is a plan instead, hasn't been announced.  These sites have been in the works since 2016, but the pandemic changed those plans.  Noticing that many people have been shopping online, or are doing more of the "one stop shop" type of shopping has played a part in the re-thinking of these store sites.  Where the new stores will be going hasn't been announced.  But since the stores that they will be building will be much bigger, those sites previously purchased aren't large enough for the new plan.

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