Vikings Head Coach, Lezlie Frazier has asked newly acquired wide receiver, Greg Jennings, to stop talking about his former team... the Green Bay Packers.

Jennings said earlier this year, "One of the things that drew me to coming over here was the makeup of the team. When I came over here, I was kind of brainwashed. There's no 'kind of' to it. Being over in Green Bay, you're brainwashed to think anyone in the division is tiers below."

Frazier asked Jennings to stop bashing his old team, but apparently Jennings misunderstood.

Jennings signed a helmet for a fan and to the left of Jennings' signature it says, "Packers Suck"... there is NO PROOF that Jennings wrote it and that's because what actually happened was this.

A fan asked Jennings to sign the helmet and then that person added the "Packers Suck" to it. A friend of the fan saw the helmet and easily amused, she posted it to her instagram account and things were blown out of proportion from there.

See the helmet below.