All of the fairs and other events have been cancelled for this summer. It's disappointing. It's something that a lot of people look forward to for the whole year. Not just is it hard for people who would be attending these events, but it's also a lot of lost revenue for the people who have booths and stands at these events.

So, they are doing what they can to generate some business while regular events are cancelled. Earlier this summer, Miller Concessions had a set up at the Crossroads Mall parking lot. Now, Gopher State Expositions, which normally sets up at the Benton County Fair, will have some fair food set up at Fleet Farm in Waite Park.

From an event that is posted on Facebook, the food vendors will be there beginning today (Wednesday) beginning at 11 am until 8 pm through Sunday, the 16th of August.  So, you can get your fair food fix this long, extended weekend. These are items that are usually found at most of the county fairs around the area that have all been cancelled.

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I will eat fair food once a year. And  I'm pretty particular about which ones I will eat.  Like cheese curds in the food building at the state fair, it's a must have. Once a year. Also, mini donuts...only from a fair vendor. I don't like the ones I've seen in the grocery store. They just don't have that "Fair food taste" and also gyros. I know that you can get those at several restaurants in the area, but there is just something about getting a gyro from a fair food vendor.

So, this weekend, if you are craving some fair's your chance to quench that craving.  Yum!

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