If you haven't heard the term voter fraud in the last 13 months, you've most likely been in a coma. Seems that's all we hear about but it's not nearly as rampant as some would like you to believe.

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After all the accusations, court cases and state audits, very few instances of voter fraud were actually uncovered. By all accounts, the 2020 presidential election was on the up and up.

I would guess most states had a few cases of improper voting in the 2020 election but not nearly enough to have any effect on the election results.

According to WDIO, five individuals from Stearns County have been charged with felony voting violations. Court records show that the following Stearns County residents were all charged.

  • Hassan Dawid Abdulkadir, 28 of St Cloud is accused of voting despite of the fact that he was ineligible to vote due to a previous felony conviction for making terroristic threats.  There are 2 charges; registering to vote and voting while ineligible.
  • Calia Zhernai Bynum, 24 of St Cloud also voted illegally when she was not allowed because of a felony bank card transaction conviction. There are 2 charges; registering to vote and voting while ineligible.
  • Bradley Alfred Haugen, 44 of St Cloud is accused of applying for an absentee ballot when he knew he wasn't eligible to vote because of a felony conviction. Haugen claimed he threw the ballot away and did not actually vote. This was confirmed by authorities.
  • Sarah Violet Nesenson, 42 of St Cloud was charged with turning in a voter registration in 2020 when she was ineligible to vote due to a controlled substance conviction.
  • Jill Diane Kelly, 59 of Cold Spring is charged with actually voting twice in the 2020 presidential primary. She is accused of voting in person (which she denies) and also submitting an absentee ballot.

All will be facing a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine on each count.

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