This is a really wierd time for all of us. I've recorded in some really nice studios over the years, and have been experimenting with creating a small music writing space in my bedroom. Microphones, keyboards, and now trying to learn the Mandolin? How do I have the time? It's funny how working at home has become an all day task; so I take breaks by becoming better at a variety of recording techniques, and so I've got some new recording gear and microphones to try out today.

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I'll be calling on a few friends in the business to give me some insights on getting a great microphone sound...Okay...You probably think this is boring. The reason for me writing this article is to ask you...what are you doing differently? What are you learning? What are you experimenting with that you didn't make time for before?

Whatever your something new...make the best of a bad situation...and work on becoming the best can possibly be.


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