The Hartley Nature Center in Duluth posted new signs telling dog owners to make sure they clean up after their walking companions.

When the snow finally melted along the trails at the Hartley Nature Center, it revealed piles and piles of doo-doo that pet owners neglected to pick up all winter long.

For Dave Grandmaison (who leads guided hikes and bike rides through Hartley Nature Center) the poo problem got so bad he couldn't bring tourists there out of embarrassment. He contacted Tom O'Rourke the executive director of the nature center to do something about this stinky situation.


The parks department launched a campaign to remind residents in the form of signs, postcards and on social media to do the responsible thing and pick up after their pets.The message is super simple: There's no such thing as a Poop Fairy.

The whole goal of the Poop Fairy campaign is to just urge people to do the right thing, and leave the trail better than you found it. It has been used in multiple cities across the country and it has gotten positive responses. Hopefully the same will be true in Duluth.

It is also a good reminder when you are in our area parks and on trails, always clean up after your pets and yourself.

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