Minnesota is visited often by many celebrities. You may see them at an event they are in town for or maybe even in a nice restaurant somewhere but the coolest place to run into on of these visiting celebrities would have to be a local dive bar.

Not long ago, Mick Jagger was spotted out and about checking out a few dive bars and now according to vinepair.com, the star of one of my favorite shows "Mad Men", Jon Hamm was in the Cities and checking out the local culture.

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Jon Hamm is a native of St Louis and was in the Cities to cheer on his hometown team, the St. Louis Blues in their face-off against the Minnesota Wild in the annual open-air NHL Winter Classic this past weekend.

Like many travelers over the weekend, for some reason, Hamm missed his flight out after the game. So instead of sitting around the airport or a hotel room, Hamm decided to hit some local dive bars.

First stop, Palmer's Bar on the campus of the University of Minnesota. Bar owner Tony Zaccardi just happens to have a lot of Hamm's Beer signs hanging throughout his bar. He even got Hamm to pose for a picture with himself and a Hamm's Beer sign.


Before leaving town, Hamm also checked out the Bryant Lake Bowl and Dusty's leaving the impression on many as a "Fun, personable and generous" guy.

Dusty's took to Facebook on Sunday and posted “We will always love our Minnesota sports teams here at Dusty’s, but there’s one Blues fan that’s always welcome back,”

It appears that Jon Hamm had such a good time, I'm guessing he will return for another dose of Minnesota Nice, someday.

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