I love getting dressed up for the 4th of July and wearing red, white and blue! Going to 4th of July parades are awesome too because they are all decked out in flags, fireworks and everything else that screams, "America!"

It's important to make sure that you know your proper flag etiquette before you start your decorating. Make sure that you're being respectful while still having a blast this weekend!

  • Make sure that you're not draping the flag over your vehicle, train or boat.
  • The flag should never be part or all of your costume.
  • The flag should be carried to the right of parade marchers.
  • When the flag passes you in a parade you should face the flag and salute it.
  • The flag should never touch the ground or any other objects.
  • When displaying your flag from a window, balcony or building the union should be at the peak of the staff.

Now that you know the rules, have a fun and safe 4th of July!