Could be worse?

I don't know. First Disney bought the Star Wars franchise, now they've bought 21st Century Fox.

So which franchise are under Mickey's umbrella now?

*deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath*

"X-Men""The Fantastic Four""The Simpsons""Family Guy""Planet of the Apes""Avatar""Die Hard", "Predator""Independence Day""The Maze Runner""Percy Jackson""The Chronicles of Narnia""Night at the Museum","Ice Age","Alvin and the Chipmunks", "Home Alone", "24""American Horror Story""Empire""Homeland""The X-Files""This Is Us", "Wolverine"...and "Deadpool".

Those last two are especially worrisome. Why? They're R-rated franchises and Disney doesn't do R-rated movies. A PG-13 Deadpool is a lame Deadpool.

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is taking the news in stride...

The Simpsons had a more aggressive reaction...

And then Mickey struck back...

It also turns out that The Simpsons predicted this predicament 20 years ago.

Just don't ruin Deadpool, Disney.

H/T: The Hollywood Reporter