I AM NOT obsessed with Dierks Bentley! I'm just a super big fan (who might be just a teeny, tiny bit obsessed). So, I'm excited that I get the chance to see him perform this week on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon during a week long tribute to Pink Floyd.

Dierks will perform "Wish You Were Here" this Thursday as a tribute to the legendary rock band. He's the only country artist invited to a line-up that includes Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters.

Dierks isn't really known for his cover songs but I found a couple of really cool ones on YouTube. His "Rebel Yell" cover is priceless (Dierks is a huge Billy Idol fan - maybe even a little obsessed. Though I wouldn't know anything about that! Obsession, that is.)

Rebel Yell
Pride (In the Name of Love)
All My Exes Live in Texas