If you watched the Minnesota Vikings home opener, you were probably a little surprised to see snow. If you're not from Minnesota, then it probably wasn't weird for you because you probably don't realize that U.S. Bank Stadium is all indoors. And, you probably think it snows here year-round.

But, here in Minnesota, we're very aware that the stadium is totally climate controlled indoors...and it's been very hot out lately...above average temperatures for the season.

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So, yes, it was a little shocking to see it all unfold on TV. According to KARE 11, the snow was meant to be a surprise that staff had been secretly working on for awhile. They pulled off their trick using evaporative snow machines. So, yes, the snow wasn't just a TV effect. It was actually 'snowing' at U.S. Bank stadium.

The snow may have just been the Vikings good luck charm because they won their home opening game. So far, it's the only game they've won this season.

We're guessing that wasn't the last time we'll see the snow. It's probably going to be more of a regular thing as the weather starts to get colder in Minnesota.

Did you enjoy seeing the snow, or do you wish the games would actually be played outdoors like they used to in the 80's?

Personally, I think an outdoor game looks cool on TV, but I much rather enjoy a comfortable temperature as a fan in the stadium. I'm very 'fair weather'.


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