My Nephew Brandon posted this picture on Facebook on May 25th. This is what he saw in the sky on the 24th. He said the picture doesn't show all of the lights but as many as he could capture. He said the lights were all moving together simultaneously? If you didn't know what was happening, wouldn't this freak you out?


60 satellites were launched on May 24th.  This is a clip from the article I found:

Earlier this week, SpaceX successfully launched its first 60 StarLink satellites into orbit around the Earth. An amateur astronomer in the Netherlands caught sight of them orbiting Earth after deployment, and captured the scene on video.

Astronomer Dr. Marco Langbroek noted on his blog that he calculated where the satellites would be orbiting, and waited with his camera. The result is a spectacular one: a string of bright dots flying across the sky, prompting some people to report that they saw UFOs.

Here is live video of the event.


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