It's hard to miss the news that the new variant of COVID 19 is getting worse.  Or at least more people are testing positive for the Omicron variant.  Because of this news, some cities are increasing mandates and protocols for events.  Two of these cities are also the biggest cities in the state; Minneapolis and St. Paul.

We heard about the mandate for either a Covid vaccine or a negative Covid test within 72 hours to eat out anywhere in Minneapolis.  St. Paul has the mandate for any public establishment by the 19th of January and by the 26th for any ticketed event.

With this in mind, in theory it's to help slow the spread of the virus.  I think of this mostly when people are in close quarters, and any sort of "droplet" or respiratory incident could be contained in an enclosed space. That's the reason for the mandates, right?  What about an outdoor space?  You can spread out, you don't need to be near anyone...but St. Paul is asking anyone going to the St. Paul Winter Carnival is being ASKED to get vaccinated or have a negative Covid test before attending.  Let's be clear, they are not requiring it, they are urging people to do this before attending.

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My personal feeling is that if you are planning to attend this event, don't go if you are feeling sick at all.  If you feel fine, go ahead and go regardless of your vaxx status.  If you have been exposed to anyone that has tested positive, get a test before you attend.  That's just being a good person.  A responsible person.  But I also think that should be the norm going anywhere in public.  Just be a responsible person.

If you are interested in the St. Paul Winter Carnival- it begins on January 28th, and runs through February 6th.  There are several events, and most of them are free.  If  you would like more information you can check out the Winter Carnival website.

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